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       We all feel good and secure in the warmth of our beds, the closeness of our homes.It is OK, it is natural. But it does not hurt to get out of the blankets once in a while and maybe take a stroll around. Maybe it is time we all woke up to the situation and lent a hand. The society needs you. Movements start with individuals, you know.Aadhar, basically, carries out its field operations through volunteer-work. As said before, we do not believe in the conventional “office” system of work that most organizations follow. We believe in action and it forms the groundwork of the way we work. We do not have a formal workplace where employees sit in cabins and do the work. No one is paid, though most contribute. Most of our work is carried out by the active volunteers/members in the field who participate in the Trust’s activities in those areas for a small or long duration of time, as per their preferences. The documentation, promotion, and communication is handled by the directors who handle the work in major areas. As such, volunteer support is all we ask for and all we need. We cannot pay you, because that is not a part of what we do, but we can assure you that after volunteering with us, you will leave with a light heart and a good feeling about yourself. Aadhar is all about us, all about you. We are the people in the streets, the people in the slums, and the people in need. And if we won’t help us, who will?

Write to us, mail us, call us, or visit us. We do not ask for your money if you cannot spare it. We
do not even ask for your time if there is not enough. We ask for you support. Every person

If you feel for our cause, or if you can hear its call, or if you are interested in lending a hand to those who could do with you support, or if you just have enough money not to know what to do with so much of it, please spare a part and donate a fraction of your income or savings to their empowerment through AADHAR.
You can donate in the form of cash, kind or provide any sort of material help – may it be clothes, books, electronic gadgets (computer cabinets, keyboards etc.) or something as basic as food. We assure you that it will definitely reach the needy and the society will always be thankful to you.
If you really willing to help, you can provide it in any of the following ways:

  • General sponsorship for Aadhar Pratishthan Trust: You can donate by cash or cheque/DD.
  • Donate in kind (books, clothes, and toys for children, computer accessories, electronics and food etc.)

Also, if you are interested in volunteering with Aadhar, please contact us at:
E-mail id:
Phone: +91 020 65104143 / 09860133100


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